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Our Design Process

Initial Consultation:

This initial meeting is free of charge. We will set a time with you in order to come out to meet with you at your home. During this meeting we will discuss with you your wishes and aspirations for your landscape design, along with giving our insightful ideas and expertise! We will discuss any landscaping concerns you may have along with what elements you may want to include in your outdoor living space such as fire pits, patios, benches, outdoor kitchens, play sets, decks, pathways, plantings, retaining walls, etc. We can discuss and suggest ideas for material options along with certain pros and cons materials may have in our Colorado weather. We can also answer any further questions for you about the design and construction process. Once we see your space and assess your wants and needs we will then present you with a design fee and our contract for design services so that we can start creating your innovative outdoor living space!


Once you choose to move ahead with the design process we will collect pictures and measurements on site for reference. We also ask you to provide us with a plot plan of your property if you have one. Then we will start designing! The initial design process will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. We will then contact you to schedule a follow up meeting where we will present to you the initial draft of your design. We then will go through any necessary changes or revisions to the design which are included as part of our design contract fee in order to provide you with your completed master landscape plan! 

Jones Plan 2.jpg


We partner with amazing landscape construction companies to build your design! We can provide you with  installation estimates based off of our design and we can work with you on specification of materials or further design revisions in order to accommodate to your installation/construction budget. If you choose to move forward with the construction estimate we provide you, we will then help to manage and oversee the installation so that we can make sure things are built in accordance with the design intent and so that your design can evolve and come to life! 

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